Pendant Light Materials

Looking for the pendant lights for your living room, kitchen island or other spaces? Well, there are so many pendant light materials to choose from, that it may be difficult to select just one. In our material section, we explain pros and cons of different materials and talk about pros, cons and peculiarities of every material type. You will find explanations on care and installation details of every pendant light material type.

a set of three semi-transparent large colored glass pendant lights

Colored Glass Pendant Lights

Think of adding unusual elements to your kitchen, living room, or bedroom? Think of colored glass pendant lights. These tiny custom accents will add a touch of warmth to your living room or kitchen and will help you create the atmosphere you desire.

a set of round clear pendant lights for living room or kitchen

Clear Pendant Lights

Clear pendant lights look great in any interior, so no wonder they are so popular these days. If you are looking for clear pendant lights for your kitchen island, bathroom, or living room, check out this guide. We will also give you some tips on how to choose the right light for your interior.

a living room with wood accents and wooden pendant lights

Wooden Pendant Lights

Think of purchasing wooden pendant lights for your kitchen island or living room? Step in to see the professional advice on fitting this kind of lighting to your space. Besides, we will share tips on purchasing the trendiest wooden pendant lights for your interior.

a kitchen in modern country style with nickel pendant lights hanging above the kitchen island

Nickel Pendant Lights

Nickel pendant lights are quite universal and look great in almost any interior. Besides, they are available in a number of styles and materials. Our guide will help you select the trendiest nickel pendant lights that will match the interior of your kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

nautical style brushed nickel pendant lights

Brushed Nickel Pendant Lights

Brushed nickel pendant lights for kitchen are so popular today! if you are looking for this kind of accent lighting for your space, just check out our guide! We will show you the most popular styles of brushed nickel pendant lights for kitchen island, and you will better understand, how to install them to benefit.

Meet Our Team

our teamHere are our experts, the people who created this website and made the idea live! They all worked together to investigate the market of pendant lights and determine, which lights out of the great variety are really worth attention. Plus, we have a designer in our team, so we can share expert advice on how to fit different styles and types of pendant lights into almost any interior so that the new accent lighting looks right.